Mobile Blast Freezer

RS Maxi Blast is a 40ft mobile freezing unit designed to rapidly freeze Lobster/fish or other products for maximum quality preservation. The Maxi Blast Freezer units are capable of freezing approximately 6 tons of cargo (based on whole Lobster) from a maximum temperature of 15u00b0C to -25u00b0C within 10 hour period in an ambient temperature of up to 40u00b0C.

Available for short term or long-term lease or purchase. Maxi Blast Freezer units can be operated virtually anywhere. That makes the equipment a cost-effective and practical solution for those seeking a portable operation and for those requiring a temporary or seasonal operation.

Maxi Blast units can be delivered with power packs and external fuel tanks, making the equipment completely self-sustaining. A Maxi Blast technician is always present during installation of the equipment in order to ensure optimal operation and to provide training in the use and maintenance of the equipment.

Key benefits of using Blast
Freezing units

They can be deployed and operated virtually anywhere

They are available on short or long term lease, they offer cost effective solution compared to stationary freezing plants

Fully Automated and ease of operation Visit to discover a solution that meets your needs

The Maxi Blast is a fully automated system which features two operating modes

Doing business with us (key benefits of
using IRS Maxi Blast)

  • 24/7 Engineering and Breakdown Support
  • In-depth Analysis and Understanding of your Business Processes
  • Design of the Best Possible Solution to suit your Requirements
  • Remote Monitoring of Equipment
  • Consistent, High Quality Service Focused on Meeting your Expectations
  • All Equipment Tested and Commissioned to AS Standards
  • One to One Support
  • Ease of Use for End User