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Commercial Air Conditioning Perth

Northern Air Services specialises in wall split system installations;Β we provide a supply and install service. We have access to all brands and offer excellent advice. Wall split systems are ideal for heating and cooling a specific area in a cost-efficient manner. Also, the main benefit of split-type units is that they operate much more quietly. Because window units are all-in-one devices, the compressor part is housed inside your house, which results in a lot of buzzing and rattling. Since the compressor is outside while using a split system, very little noise will be produced. There are many different ways that split systems can be installed. Split-type air conditioners get their name from the fact that they divide the components of a conventional air conditioning system into two separate units, one indoor and one outdoor. While the distribution and filter parts are located in the indoor unit, the compressor and condenser parts are housed outside.

Northern Air Services is extremely experienced in the installation and repair of air conditioner systems in Perth for any application. All of our installations come with a 5-year manufacturer and installation warranty. We use the highest quality materials with all of our installations, such as galvanised brackets, colorbond pipe covers, anti-vibrational condenser mounts, etc. We have an eye for detail for signs of wall split system maintenance and services, and we always go the extra mile for customer satisfaction.

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